Badly Drawn Boy's orginal soundtrack to the film adaptation of About a Boy

About a Boy

Will Lightman is a Peter Pan for the 1990s. At 36, the terminally hip North Londoner is unmarried, hyper-concerned with his coolness quotient, and blithely living off his father’s novelty-song royalties. What interferes with Will’s career arc, of course, is reality in the shape of a 12-year-old boy.

‘An utterly charming, picaresque tale of an older guy, a young kid, and the funky, dysfunctional real-life ties that bind and unbind’

‘Humorous fiction with a real heart—Hornby is a writer who dares to be witty, intelligent and emotionally generous all at once. He combines a skilled, intuitive appreciation for the rigors of comic structure with highly original insights about the way the enchantments of popular culture insinuate themselves into middle-class notions of romance’
The New York Times Book Review

‘A pleasurable book—both subtle and provocative but put together with a skill that makes it seem simpler than it is. It is, in fact, easier to read than it is to forget’
The Los Angeles Times Book Review

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