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Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch is Hornby’s tribute to a lifelong, obsession soccer. Part autobiography, part comedy, part incisive analysis of insanity, Hornby’s award-winning memoir captures the fever pitch of fandom its agony and ecstasy, its community, its defining role in thousands of young men’s coming of age stories, Fever Pitch is one for the home team.

‘Whether you are interested in football or not, this is tears-running-down-your-face funny, read-bits-out-loud-to-complete-strangers funny, but also highly perceptive and honest about Hornby’s obsession and the state of the game—The funniest book of the year’

‘Hornby…comes closer to capturing the truths and absurdities of the obsessed sports fan’s mind than anyone else I have read’
The Observer

”Fever Pitch is the anatomy of an obsession, a knowing, bittersweet, and very funny autobiography in which the writer’s life is measured not in years but in seasons. I’ve read no better account of what being a fan really means’
Pete Davies


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