Fever Pitch film poster
Director: David Evans
Year of release: 1997
Lead acting talent: Colin Firth, Ruth Gemmell, Mark Strong
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Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch was the first of Nick’s books to be adapted into a film. It was released by Working Title/Channel 4 films in 1997.

Nick wrote the screenplay himself, translating his award-winning memoir into a romantic comedy starring Colin Firth.

Firth plays Paul Ashworth, English teacher and Arsenal fan. The research he did for the role was pretty extensive. As producer Amanda Posey explained, ‘He got it into his head that he needed to be able to list ALL of the Arsenal players of the 1970 team. In a scene where Paul is in his classroom, he actually wrote a list of them on the blackboard. Nick came by, was impressed and immediately asked, ‘WHO has done THAT?’ and Colin proudly answered that he had’.

Director David Evans was keen to dismiss suggestions that Fever Pitch might be a football film: ‘There are no actors in shorts in Fever Pitch,’ he told Empire magazine. ‘The only people who play football are professional footballers and there is no attempt to blend them with actors the way the genre always seems to do. This is a romantic comedy. The plot of this film is boy meets girl …’

Keep your eyes peeled for Nick’s cameo in the film as the coach of a rival school’s football team.

Nick and the film’s producer Amanda Posey have two children together.