FUNNY GIRL hits the UK: teaser, Penguin interview and early reviews

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FUNNY GIRL hits the shelves in the UK this week, and there has been a flurry of activity around the book – Nick’s first new novel in five years.

Last week saw the release of a teaser for the book in the form of a ‘long-lost’ title sequence from Barbara (and Jim), the fictional sitcom that is the starring vehicle for our heroine Sophie Straw.

Watch the teaser below:

Penguin Audio also held an in-depth interview with Nick on FUNNY GIRL, the process of adapting from book to screen, his favorite authors, and a number of his upcoming projects.

Listen to it here (via Soundcloud):

Finally the reviews have been rolling in for FUNNY GIRL from the UK, and they are uniformly fantastic. Here’s just a small selection of the praise that’s been coming in:

‘A heartfelt defence and a wholly convincing example of what popular entertainment can achieve… FUNNY GIRL not only beautifully captures the thrill of youthful success and discovering your own talent, but also ponders the rather longer-lasting business of what happens when the thrill fades’
Daily Telegraph

‘A witty, poignant book about comedy, class, collaboration and social change that may be his best novel yet’
Irish Times

‘A love letter to the TV cultural explosion of the 1960s and to some of Hornby’s favourite writers…FUNNY GIRL
is Hornby’s sunniest novel’

‘Effortlessly engaging… Hornby deftly stitches fiction into known fact…Hornby’s writing is so fluid…he has a
great knack for capturing atmosphere, extended dialogue and the skewering of a character with a killer
Evening Standard

‘A thoroughly enjoyable read…a witty look at a pivotal point in British popular culture’
Sunday Times

‘FUNNY GIRL is a paean to the golden age of light entertainment…the novel is resolutely, winningly lighthearted
and builds to a fine and moving finale’

‘Fans won’t be disappointed by this new story of Sophie Straw… [Her] adventures make for an endearing,
humorous and touching story. It’s full of spot-on period detail, all brought to vivid life by a cast of very
human characters. Hugely enjoyable’
Sunday Mirror

‘Very much a comic novel…his writing starts to take off, the humour starts to breathe…it never seems like an
onerous alternative to the telly’
The Times

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3 Responses to “FUNNY GIRL hits the UK: teaser, Penguin interview and early reviews”

  • I just finished “Funny Girl” and it was terrific. I’m sorry I finished it. Nick Hornby is one of the few authors that causes me to laugh out loud.

  • Just finished reading Funny Girl, what a wonderful nostalgic read for an ex Blackpool girl ! My parents had a hotel opposite the Open Air Baths and the contestants for Miss Blackpool used the Gables Hotel to finish their beauty routine etc. It was fascinating and those baths were really very glam in those days ! A really well researched novel, giving a true reflection of those Golden Days of a sea-side town. POOR OLD BLACKPOOL !
    An excellent read, poignant and a great story ! THANK YOU NICK !

  • I am just reading Funny Girl now. I love it. One of my favorite books when I was growing up, I was really too young to read it at the time, was Herman Wouk’s Marjorie Morningstar. This book made me think of it again, fondly. I think it’s a gorgeous valentine. I am reading it slowly.

    I also wanted to let you know, if you do ever read these comments, that I read SLAM, and I keep thinking of that moment when the main character goes back to the seaside. That time and his encounter with the old man there felt transcendent to me. I immediately then put in a request for Funny Girl at the library. Thank you very much. I will now be reading more of your books.