Happy New Hornby

posted by Nick Hornby January 6, 2014 at 3:51 pm Books 3 comments ,

New Nick Hornby Jackets

 To kick start 2014, we have a brand new look for Nick Hornby paperbacks in the UK. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

3 Responses to “Happy New Hornby”

  • Hello !

    I am Franz, born 1957. I got your book “Fever Pitch” from my wife this Christmas.

    Arsenal Fan since 1970, when my father took me to Graz (Sturm Graz – Arsenal 1:0) Messecup.

    Normally I am not reading so fast, but within 2 days I was through your perfect and nice book.

    2 or 3 times I visit the Emirates each year, but it is only possible because I must go for an opera or musical with my wife and she agrees my Arsenal visit.

    I met Mr. Wenger 2 times in Austria, when they prepared their season in July in Waltersdorf. I have some nice photos with him and me.

    After reading this book, my biggest request is, to meet you in London. Every date is accepted by me.

    I am so looking forward to get your positive answer and to line this message directly to Nick.

    Best Regards

    Franz Mayer

  • I am just reading “stuff I’ve been reading” and I have 2 recommendations for Nick. Firstly, Philip Pullman has written a wonderful YA series beginning with “The Ruby in the Smoke.” You need to read all 4 books, which is no hardship, to reach the most romantic moment in all the books i have read. In the first book there is also the most effective murder scene i have read.
    I also have a candidate for his campaign to read history year by year. It is a self published book about the South Adelaide Australian Football clubs last premiership in 1964. It is entitled “1964” and encapsulates the football league and the state’s character in that year. Cheers.

  • I took the book ” Ten Years in the Tub” out of the library after
    reading about it in the Guardian. After reading it for about an hour
    I knew I had to buy it. I ordered it from Amazon and it arrived yesterday.
    I don’t often laugh out loud when reading a book, but I found myself
    doing this fairly regularly. It’s a fairly lengthy book so I plan to read it slowly and savour it.

    This is my year of reading Dickens. In between reading the great man’s books, I’ll take in a chapter or two of Nick’s book. I laughed out loud quite a bit while reading Pickwick Papers despite the fact that Jane Smiley pronounced in her book about Dickens that this novel had little to offer the modern reader.
    I mention this now because I know that Nick loves Dickens and that he will perhaps share my outrage about this ludicrous statement.

    Oh, I’ve also ordered Fever Pitch despite my lack of knowledge about football.