Having Fun

posted by Nick Hornby June 25, 2009 at 1:42 pm Books, Music , , , ,

I am going to use my Penguin blog to tell you how much fun I’m having, not writing books. The recording for the radio comedy series I co-wrote with Giles Smith, ‘The Richest Man In Britain’, starring Mark Williams and Russell Tovey, finished on Monday; the last episode we recorded featured the great and funny Rosamund Pike. Giles and I laughed, even if nobody else ever does; he laughed politely at the bits I’d written – we emailed back and forth – and I laughed uproariously at his stuff, and at the bits the cast added themselves.

Meanwhile, over in Nashville, Ben Folds is in the studio, recording the songs for “our” album; every now and again my emails take an age to download, and I know that I am within a couple of minutes of being the first person in the UK to hear a new Folds song.

My colleagues at Penguin are always complaining that I make the other things that are going on at the moment seem more exciting and rewarding than staring at a computer screen for years at a time. But really, what can I do about it?