I wish …

posted by Nick Hornby February 3, 2010 at 1:16 pm Films, Sport 1 comment ,

I wish that every single one of the Arsenal fans who were in the stadium to see their team’s pathetic surrender to Man Utd, could be nominated for an Oscar, as I was yesterday. I have to say, Oscar nominations really help to assuage football-related disappointment. My wife, who doesn’t get to the games very often now that one of the children has commandeered her season ticket, was sitting next to me on Sunday; she got a nomination too. And so did Colin Firth, who was right behind the goal where Rooney scored. That may be it, as far as recently Oscar-nominated Arsenal fans go (unless Meryl Streep is a Gooner). In terms of the collective London N5 feelgood factor, it’s nowhere near enough.

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  • I love your passion for Arsenal. My Dad was staunch Arsenal, he went home and away in the 50s & 60s and always said Charlie George’s winning goal, you know the one, was the greatest moment of his life. He always told me he kept his underpants from that day, I’m not sure where, but he kept them. I’m not sure why Dad didn’t push me to become an Arsenal supporter also, I wish he had, I really wish he had. Dad was from Stepney but moved to Basildon early 60s where I was born in 1961. Dad loved the cup, he loved the glamour of it, often spoke about the 1950 Cup Final. In 1968 aged 6 I decided to support the team that won the cup. Sadly for me that was West Bromwich Albion, I knew nothing about them but Dad said he liked them and they were “a cup team”, which was good enough for me and I loved the navy & white stripes and I was hooked. In 1970 Dad took me to Highbury, in the clock end, Arsenal 6 Albion 2, but seeing Albion score was a thrill. A few weeks later he took me to Spurs in the League Cup, Spurs 5 Albion 0 and then to Stamford Bridge, Chelsea 3 Albion 1 followed by relegation. I should have got the message by now but it was too late I was hooked and dreamt of seeing Albion get to a Cup Final one day, but it’s never happened in all these years, Semi Final heartbreaks of course, but no cup finals and I’ve travelled around 250,000 miles from Essex pursuing my childhood dream. I’m 56 now and Albion are about to be relegated again, so I doubt my dream of seeing Albion either cup will happen in my lifetime, which breaks my heart because, West Brom apart, I have a happy life. The only non Albion football moment that reduced me to tears was the one you made a book and movie about, that great match at Anfield in 1989, still gives me shivers watching it now. Anyway, just wanted to share, footballs a sport to many, but a passion to some.