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Penguin Group (USA) offers more than one way to get Nick Hornby into your classroom.
Join the many university programs that have already adopted and integrated Nick Hornby’s work into their curriculums.

Some of these universities include:

About a Boy

Colby-Sawyer College, Cornell University, Indiana University, Bridgewater College, Florida Southern College, University of Kansas, Dartmouth College, University of South Carolina

Fever Pitch

Hofstra University, Queens College, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, San Francisco University, University of Missouri, WPI

High Fidelity

Brandeis University, Farleigh Dickinson University, Georgetown University, Montana State University, UCLA, University of Texas, Hawaii Pacific University, University of Vermont

How to be Good

Amherst College, Duke University, East Tennessee State University, Eckerd College, Franklin College, Loyola College, Oregon State University, University of Arkansas


American University, Belmont University, Idaho State University, University of Alabama, Villanova University

Speaking with the Angel

Florida Atlantic University, Johns Hopkins University, Marymount University, University of Pittsburgh

Teacher Testimonial

“I’ve used two of Nick Hornby’s books in university classes: I included Fever Pitchin a course on contemporary British literature, and How to Be Good in an interdisciplinary honors course on Virtue. Both worked well in class and I would use them again. Hornby is deceptively simple; approachable, but with sometimes unexpected depths, and his humor is an additional plus. I initially resisted John Carey’s comments on How To Be Good “Hornby may not spring to mind as the most obvious Dostoevsky lookalike, but his new novel seems to me well able to stand comparison with the great Russian’s rambling fable” but my classroom experience reinforced the conclusion that Hornby is trying, and largely succeeding, in something both uncommon and difficult. He is exploring the consequences of a modern man trying to be really good. Hornby’s rejection of the spurious and his determination to permit readers uncomplicated access may hurt him with the Booker Prize judges, but they make his books ideal teaching material for the contemporary college class.”

Merritt Moseley, Professor of Literature (UNC Asheville)

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Join the Penguin Group (USA) College Faculty Information Service.

Penguin Group (USA) offers course adoption assistance as near as your computer! Over the past years, The College Faculty Information Service has grown to cover an even wider range of fine titles from all of Penguin’s divisions Viking/Penguin/Plume, Dutton/NAL and Putnam/Berkley in a continuing effort to offer personalized service to professors and to supplement and enhance information provided by our college reps in the field.

How the program can help you

Through the Penguin Group (USA) College Faculty Information Service, you’ll receive advance notice of new and forthcoming books of interest to you. You can get answers regarding price and availability, tables of contents, and details of translations of particular titles. We’ll notify you of edition changes and steer you through our extensive inventory of backlist titles, which can be an especially invaluable aid in developing new courses. Because our program is not merely order-processing assistance but a personalized service designed to provide you with a supportive and noteworthy exchange of information, we welcome your opinions and your ideas about our titles. We value your suggestions because they help us acquire and publish the books that are most valuable to educators.

How the Service works

Any college instructor who regularly adopts paperback books is invited to join the Penguin Group (USA) College Faculty Information Service. After you join, you will receive your first email or phone call to discuss appropriate books and free exam copies.
Feel free, of course, to make initial contact yourself. Thereafter, you’ll automatically receive all pertinent Penguin catalogs and will be contacted once a year (or more often, if you wish).

How can I join CFIS?

It’s easy, visit and fill out the questionnaire. You will receive an introductory packet by mail containing material relevant to your particular field, and information that will facilitate your book requests. As A CFIS member, you can order five free examination copies every year for course consideration.

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