Signing skateboards

posted by Nick Hornby October 11, 2007 at 3:52 pm Books

the last time I  had a book out, I appeared on stage with Francis Spufford, Blake Morrison and Andrew O’Hagen, debating the value of literature. For the publication of SLAM, I have shared a stage with Darren the rapper, various DJs, and half-a-dozen fifteen-year-old girls wearing hotpants. I have signed several skateboards, two cheeks (the facial variety, I hasten to add), and two pairs of trainers, one pair of which was, frankly, malodorous in the extreme. I have even signed some books. I am a great admirer of Morrison, Spufford and O’Hagen, and I’m sure they will understand when I say that it will be difficult to return to those discussions.