So ‘Juliet, Naked’

posted by Nick Hornby September 4, 2009 at 1:32 pm Books, Films 1 comment ,

So ‘Juliet, Naked’ is published today (I think); promotion for the novel and for ‘An Education’, in the US, UK and Europe, means that I won’t be doing any writing for three months or so. That’s a big chunk of a working year gone, especially if you throw in the month-long summer holiday I’ve just taken.

I don’t read reviews – editors and other interested parties know that they have to provide a summary in one word or less, and, if the one word is a word I don’t want to hear, the name of the bastard responsible. So far, the reviews seem to have been good or OK, with one notable exception: the review in the Times was, apparently, hostile. It’s not often that a bad review provokes amusement in its victim, but this one did, because the Times paid quite a lot of money to run extracts of the book, over three days; the bad review ran bang in the middle of the run. Times readers must have been very confused – why were they being asked to plough on with a novel that had just been rubbished by one of their book critics? If you’re going to get a thumping, then it might as well happen in a way that leaves the paper looking silly.

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  • Just finished listening to it on cd. I enjoyed it, the story, and the characters rang true. I wanted to walk in to the world you created in words and poke about a bit and stay awhile, thank you.