This is not a very productive or creative time

posted by Nick Hornby July 29, 2009 at 1:37 pm Books, Films , ,

I am now on full-time publicity duty. If you ever see the Times, Word, Q, Esquire, the Financial Times, the Sunday Telegraph or about a hundred other English-language publications, you will be able to read the attempts of a number of nice, patient journalists to get me to say something articulate and interesting, initially about ‘Juliet, Naked’ or ‘An Education’, and then, as desperation sets in, about anything at all.

This morning, however, there was a welcome reminder that there will be life after this. One of the current side-projects is an animated feature film entitled ‘The Babymakers’, set inside the human body. As with everything else in the world of cinema, there is only the remotest possibility of this ever happening. But at the moment my occasional co-writer Giles Smith and I are working with Airside Studios and Fred Deakin (of Lemon Jelly fame) on a three or four minute sample of the finished work, something called an animatic. This morning we recorded the script with Mark Williams, David Thewlis, Morwenna Banks and our girl Carey Mulligan, and it was fun – more fun, unfortunately, than interviews. There will be fun again.