Words don’t come very easily to me

posted by Nick Hornby May 6, 2010 at 1:07 pm Books

I am clearly not a natural blogger. Weeks go by before I feel compelled to post anything on this site. Words don’t come very easily to me, which, given my profession, is a worrying impediment. I am always amazed when editors, at publishing houses and newspapers, tell me (and they do, often) that a certain writer has submitted something that is a thousand or ten thousand or one hundred thousand words longer than they had anticipated. Theses writers, I suspect, would have no trouble contributing a couple of little items a week to a blog. My problem is the reverse: I am always fearful that whatever I’m working on will turn out to be ruinously short. Of course, I believe that the other way indicates the superior talent. I wonder whether the writers from whom words seem to pour unstoppably envy my problem? I don’t suppose they do.